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Cheap, Cheap Limo Hire.

   Cheap Limousine Hire.

Booking a limo is easy, but it's best to consider your requirements. Do you  want to stand out from the crowd? If so this will do it!!!!

If your image of a classy limo looks like this, then you have nothing to worry about! You will easily find a car of a similar standard at a cheap enough price (and they will probably offer you all sorts of inducements to get in it!).

However, if your standards are slightly higher and you would prefer something infinitely more classy and new, then please peruse our web site.

Forget the price for a moment. When you phone for a limo you do not know what you are getting, unless you have already seen the car. So it is in your own interest to ask a few questions.

If you are offered free this, and free that, ALARM BELLS should be sounding. Nothing is free. 

Hiring a limo should be like everything else in life, value for money.

Look at the taxis in town, the quality varies quite a lot.

There are lots of taxis about, some nice, some not! Been in one recently? were you happy?

Ask how old the car is. If the answer is vague, ask what year it is, ask what condition it is in, ask if it is licensed, ask if you can have a refund if you are have been misinformed. YOU, the customer, have a choice.

There is nothing wrong with booking an old limo, some of them have been well looked after but it's best to ask a few questions first. If you are not happy when your car turns up it's tooooooooo laaaaaaaate!!!!!!!!!!!  but next time you will be wiser.

For the safety and security of you and your family it is best to book a limousine that is correctly licenced for the type of work it is doing. This usualy means a private hire licence issued by the local council. Just like a taxi or mini cab the council will have inspected the limo, checked out the driver with the Criminal Records Bureaux and also check the nsurance and safety equipment.

Cheap Limousine Hire.


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