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All Limousines need to be licensed. You may think that they all are but many are not!

Would you get into an unlicensed taxi? A limo is just like a mini bus or taxi, you are paying to be driven around.

Would you let 8 young children drive off in a limo that was not licensed?   Many people do, yet you have no idea who the driver is!

Limousines that are correctly licensed by the council will be regularly checked and inspected.

They will have proper insurance and the driver will have had a Police Check.

Some Limo Companies will say that all of their drivers are licensed, one would hope the driver does indeed have a driving licence but it is not the same as being a Licensed Limousine Business!!!

If a Limo is not licensed you have to wonder why!!!     You can of course contact the council for guidance on the number below.


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13 November 2006
Council begins to license limousines for public safety
Limousines are becoming a more popular choice of transport and due to the safety issues associated with these vehicles and drivers, Doncaster Council has introduced some conditions with the aim to license and regulate limousines.

These standard conditions have been introduced after careful consideration with the limousine trade, limousine associations and South Yorkshire Police. They will allow the Council to ensure that drivers, proprietors and operators of limousine companies are suitably qualified and equipped to transport passengers safely and comfortably.

Councillor Stuart Exelby, Cabinet Member for Crime and Public Safety said: "Limousines can be a fun and exciting way to travel but as a Council, we feel it is our responsibility to make sure that all limousine operators in Doncaster are competent and reliable. We license taxi cabs so it makes sense to license limousines as well."

Doncaster Council is now in the process of contacting all limousine companies located within the Borough. These companies will need to license their limousine with the Council and obtain an Operators Licence to carry out their limousine business. In addition, anyone driving a limousine will be required to hold a Private Hire Drivers Licence and Badge.

All limousine businesses will be given until 1 October 2006 to obtain all relevant licences. Anyone operating a limousine after this date will be subject to prosecution if they do not hold the relevant licences.

Furthermore, all companies that supply alcohol within their limousine need to obtain a Premise Licence and Personal Licence in line with the recently introduced Licensing Act 2003. Even those companies giving alcohol away free with a booking are still supplying alcohol and would require this type of licence. It is an offence to supply alcohol without a licence and both the Council and the Police will be enforcing this.

For any further information please contact Doncaster Council on 01302 737590.
28 June 2006

This letter has been sent to all Limo Companies.


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